How we positively support our employees' mental health

It's more important than ever to ensure you're looking after your team's mental health. At 26, this is a key priority and we’re proud to have initiatives in place that can help our 26ers thrive. By implementing these initiatives, employees feel supported not only in their day to day roles, but can also see a positive impact on their mental health out of work, building a much brighter picture of personal wellbeing. In this blog we'll hear from Graham Carr, our Lead .NET Developer and a passionate advocate for mental health support in the workplace, and then dive into some of the initiatives 26 has in place to support our employees.

Graham has championed a focus on mental health support at 26, and says "mental health at work is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing and productivity. A positive mental health environment fosters a supportive and inclusive culture that acknowledges and addresses the challenges individuals may face.” 

Graham’s advocacy for positive mental health stems from his own experiences. Having suffered with severe anxiety for most of his life, and having recently been diagnosed with autism, he developed a mental health hub initiative at 26. This allows any of the team to book in a confidential session to discuss any mental health concerns. On top of this, Graham hosts daily morning meditation sessions via Teams to allow 26ers to start their day with a calm and centred outlook. 

We’re incredibly thankful for Graham taking his own time to develop and help the team. It’s this work that can help us foster an environment of support, value and the importance of self-care. 

Alongside Graham’s own initiatives we offer some additional services that any of our team can benefit from. 

EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)

Through Health Assured, all our employees have access to an Employee Assistance Programme. This 24/7, 365 day-a-year helpline is designed to support people with personal and professional problems that could be affecting home or work life.

In addition to this, we also offer access to Simply Health. This gives employees access to a wide variety of services including 24/7 video GP appointments, online physio assessments, a legal and lifestyle helpline, and a cash plan option to claim back costs on medical and wellbeing services.

Mental Health First Aiders

Our teams include trained Mental Health First Aiders who are available as a point of contact for any employee who is experiencing a mental health issue. As part of our hybrid-working approach, employees can reach out to a Mental Health First Aider in person or virtually. The support provided could be light-tough, such as a quick chat, or could be a longer term approach, ensuring sufficient help is provided to improve their personal situation. 

We are continually working on and developing our mental health offering and want to ensure that our team know there is always support available. 

We couldn’t share this post without championing local services as well. Our charity of the year is Leeds Mind, who offer tailored mental health services to people in and around the Leeds area. Our team will be supporting the charity with different campaigns and activity throughout the year, keep your eyes on our social pages to find out how you can support us. 

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