26 becomes a Carbon Negative business

Helena Jones - Marketing Executive,

Just over five months ago we, along with our group partners at MSQ, made a pledge to reduce our impact on the environment and to balance out our carbon emissions by March 2021.

Today, we’re immensely proud and excited to announce that alongside the wider MSQ family, have fulfilled that pledge nearly three months ahead of schedule.

As of November 2020, we are now a Carbon Negative business.

What this announcement means for 26 and the environment is that we now offset as much carbon dioxide as we produce.

Our achievement follows months of work with BIMA, a collective of business, charities and educational institutions, whose Sustainability Council strives every day to reduce the environmental footprint of digital and tech industries across the UK. Representatives from MSQ and 26 attended an intensive course hosted by BIMA, designed to identify and carry out means to reduce and offset base CO2 levels across all levels of operation.

Our work to tackle climate change and the global carbon footprint continues along with our dedication to remaining Carbon Negative. We continue to drive initiatives across our businesses, sharing our insights and learnings with our clients, and raising awareness of key environmental issues, and ways to tackle them, with our employees and partners.

We know that the journey doesn’t end here, and we know there is always work to be done, but we also recognise that our Carbon Negative status is a foundation to build upon as we develop newer and better ways to challenge our impact on the environment. It is our responsibility as a company to play our role in reducing our carbon footprint, and to inspire others to do the same.

‘When we set out our goal to become Carbon Negative in September 2020, we did so because we want to be as proud of our impact on our planet as we are of our work. That we have achieved our objective well ahead of schedule is testament to that dedication, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in driving the initiatives that have helped bring down our carbon footprint. Together, we have fulfilled our pledge and taken our first steps towards a greener 26.’

Ryan Scott, CEO of 26

To learn more about the impact 26 and the rest of the MSQ family have had on reducing the impact of climate change, discover our sustainability work here.

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