Why DAM will become an essential way of working in 2021

Alex Blaikley - Media Director ,

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is more than just another shiny martech solution - it will become an essential way of working in 2021 and beyond, especially for brands who are on a digital transformation journey.

A DAM offers a seamless solution for enterprises to store, organise, find, retrieve, and share digital content such as images, audio, and video files, which works across multiple teams, suppliers and channels.

In an experience-led internet environment where engagement and brand salience are increasingly important, a DAM provides certainty that teams and stakeholders are only using the right assets at the right time.

The ability for DAMs to link to publishing channels such as Campaign Manager (part of the Google Marketing Platform) and Facebook is as much a time saver as it is a programmatic, ecommerce and social enabler.

So, how can you make DAM work for you?

There are three programmatic display principles which support all campaign plans and delivery. At 26, we utilise all three to deliver the best results for our clients:

  1. Audience data: Use first, second- or third-party data to plan and deliver highly targeted campaigns.
  2. Creative relevancy: Run the most audience and platform relevant creative with a strong call to action message i.e., personalisation at scale.
  3. The right technology delivery partner: DV360 has access to the most comprehensive source of trusted publishers and provides the ability to deliver cross-device, brand-safe campaigns in real-time, at key points in the customer journey.

According to Nielsen, 43% of a social ad’s effectiveness lies in the creative. Being able to utilise the right creative message at the right time, to the right user remains a key focus within digital marketing, but using a DAM as part of your tech stack will make this far more achievable. 

Whilst we are DAM agnostic, please feel free to get in touch with us to see how you can democratise your creative for a better customer experience in 2021. 

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