Digital Media Insights Q2

The second installment of our Digital Media Insights comes at a particularly strange time for all of us. Our lives as we know them have changed – albeit temporarily – and our ways of working need to take into account this new normal which we've suddenly found ourselves in.

The digital sphere has seen some large and surprising shifts due to the current global situation where social distancing and home working have become integral parts of how we live our lives. How we use technology and digital platforms has changed, as both individuals and businesses look to navigate through these uncertain times as best we can.

In the Q2 2020 edition of our Digital Media Insights, we've picked the brains of our digital acquisition specialists from across the agency. This issue is packed full of channel trends and tips to help you make the most of now, including:

  • Exclusive and targeted promotions run through closed platform affiliates
  • Tapping into increased mobile ad inventory
  • How to best use SEO in uncertain times
  • The end of third-party cookie support
  • Realising the full potential of Digital Out of Home (DOOH)
  • Updates to how nofollow links are interpreted by Google
  • And more.

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