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Our quarterly sector search reports continue this month with an analysis of the personal insurance and finance verticals. Packed with actionable insight, the report is a culmination of the detailed analysis by our SEO and content teams.

A number of challenges face the personal insurance and finance sector. Competition for visibility across personal finance and insurance niches is tough. Ranked as a ‘Your money or your life’ (YMYL) market by Google, all content must be accurate and truthful, or it will be penalised by Google, negatively impacting rankings and brand visibility meaning swathes of content could go unseen. Our report explores how quality content can be utilised to boost rankings and brand visibility significantly. On top of this, our report also addresses the challenge of building high domain authority (DA), breaking down key authority building tactics using a range of data combined with audience insight.   

The report is designed to help businesses in the space align and prioritise their search marketing strategies in 2021 and beyond. Run via our proprietary tool, Sonar, the analysis highlights some of the key trends that are shaping the organic search landscape in the finance space.

Highly competitive, the sector features numerous high authority sites and as expected, comparison sites often dominate. For brands to become disruptors in this sector, it is valuable to understand how the top players maintain and continue to grow their visibility in Google SERPs. Importantly, as well as authority, what else drives performance? What trends are there across content, UX and technical pillars that brands can exploit to take on the aggregators and win? These questions are explored in detail in our report.

The report

The large-scale report which is available to download for free covers core personal finance and insurance niches, featuring over 3,500 domains in the UK. We have analysed 8,000 keywords and 264 finance products across nine core categories: motor, home, travel, pet, health and life insurance and credit, loans and car finance.

As we move into the new year and finalise budgets, priorities and roadmaps, the report takes a deep dive into the key areas of performance, market position and competitive landscape, opportunities for growth and gaps across SEO pillars. By exploring and investing in these areas, brands can give themselves a head start in 2021.

The analysis is supported by case studies from notable personal finance and insurance brands, as well as opinion from our SEO, content and digital PR experts.

Interested in bespoke analysis?

Our team are able to run bespoke analysis for individual businesses including a detailed view on your current search performance, competitor gap analysis, insight around channel and budget allocation and identification of strategic growth opportunities.

If you’d like us to run this free analysis for you, please contact our Partnerships Manager Steve Denman on 07903323853 or

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