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Alex Blaikley, Commercial Director,

Why Digital Maturity matters

Focusing only on your competitors to benchmark your organisation’s success will no longer be enough to satisfy your stakeholders or retain your customers.

There is no more powerful source of feedback than when one can hold a mirror up to oneself. That’s why we’ve created the Digital Maturity Evaluation to enable collaboration, long-term thinking and avoid siloed decision making.

With your consumers seeking an enhanced digital experience, using a digital maturity framework to evaluate yourself, team and organisation is an effective tool to support strategy implementation and ensure a clear focus on the customer.

Improving your digital maturity

Here we explore how brands can propel their digital maturity from ‘Siloed’ to ‘Emerging', but if you’re at a more advanced stage in your digital maturity journey you might find the following articles more useful:

Evolving from ‘Siloed’ to ‘Emerging’

If you have identified your organisation as ‘Siloed’, your focus has likely been on driving ROI for individual marketing channels, with an appetite to broaden your digital marketing mix to deliver next-level growth.

Based on our experience, we have identified nine areas of focus (and investment) to help you advance to the next level:

  1. Create and begin to measure key outcomes, such as setting KPIs relating to revenue and leads. Your business needs to understand the importance of marketing beyond ROI.
  2. When it comes to search, take steps to understand your organisation's 'Share of Voice' and plot your competitive standing.
  3. Develop an audience-first content strategy that will create balance and achieve success across paid, owned and earned.
  4. Build out content for your website that improves organic ranking in SERPs and the overall user experience.
  5. When it comes to paid media, create profitable bidding strategies that embrace data-driven attribution (DDA).
  6. Establish a data source of truth, such as GA4, that enables cross channel measurement of inputs and outputs.
  7. You'll want to be developing clear reports that bring together multiple sources of insight to support and encourage effective decision making.
  8. Establish a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme. 
  9. Consider broadening your media mix to include other performance channels such as affiliate marketing.

Looking for support?

We understand that each business is different and has its own unique set of challenges. If you’re looking for personalised advice on how to level up your digital maturity, get in touch with our team

Our consultants can help you explore:

  • The sustainable growth that affiliate marketing can offer and how to establish a programme. 
  • How we drove ecommerce growth for our clients through smarter bidding strategies and integrated strategic support.
  • How to implement world class technical SEO and make sure any technical debt isn't holding your website back.
  • How you can define and deliver an effective content strategy.
  • Our approach to CRO and how it could benefit your business. 
  • What reporting and democratisation of intelligence looks like in practice.

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