Grow your own niche – why 2021 is the time to hone in on your content

Rob Dalton - Copywriter,

Last year saw an explosion on content, capitalising on the dramatic increase in search volume and the higher demand for brand new content that audiences could sink their teeth into. With more people searching for content with a wider range of keywords, there’s more scope than ever before to carve out a distinct place for your brand online using content to take the lead.

Picking through the bountiful search data of 2020

Reviewing the engagement data from 2020 can afford you some valuable insights from your existing audience and what they came to you for over the course of the year. Maybe a particular set of blogs you created struck a chord with the growing working from home crowd? Understanding where these successes came from can help you define and plot out a robust content strategy for 2021, demonstrating which areas of content proved popular and the user journeys that brought your audience to you in the first place.

Forecasting the right conditions for your content

Cross-referencing this activity surrounding your existing content with relevant keywords and PAA (People Also Ask) queries through an SEO audit, will help you to build out the framework for your content. This will bolster your concepts for new content and build on your existing ideas by integrating the right SEO content that’ll nurture what you’re producing. Not only can this maximise your appeal to your existing audience, but it’ll potentially attract more readers from similar demographics.

Planting your new content for 2021

Identifying successes in your existing content and the MVP keywords that funnel toward your brand, will give you the right tools for creating content that’ll excel in the online landscape.  Sowing the seeds of your content strategy on a healthy bed of SEO will see your niche flourish, giving you the opportunity to become the authority in a particular area and differentiate yourself from the competition. With the potential for oversaturation of online content, having a distinct voice and authority over a specific area of content that’s relevant to your brand, allows you to properly root your strategy and watch it grow from there.

For example, if your domain is high quality British sheds which are popular with the 28-35 demographic in Cumbria, then create content that will help you to dominate those niches. Pick popular outdoor locations in the region and talk about the potential for an amazing shed there. Look at properties in the area and match them to sheds from your range. Run a PR campaign in the area that grabs the attention of Cumbrians.


By taking over those areas and becoming the go-to place for that niche, you’ll naturally start to pull more things into your orbit. Other audiences might start to gravitate toward your brand and content on relevant topics this could bring wider audiences in from additional avenues. Maybe expand the shed content to include other areas of natural beauty in the country, or talk about other property types which could benefit from an outdoor building in some way?

Seeing this all come to fruition starts with the creation and ownership of your niche with a smart content strategy, guided by intelligent SEO insights, crafted to fit your specific tone of voice. Still not sure where to start? Our content specialists can offer a steady pair of hands to guide you through the process and set you on the path the growing your own content for organic growth. Get in touch today.

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