Introducing our media intern, Kate Wilson

Esmee Harris, PR and Social Executive ,

Introducing our newest team member, Kate.

Q: Hey Kate! Tell us about yourself 

Hello! I’m Kate Wilson, and I’m thrilled to be interning with 26PMX as a Media Intern. Currently, I’m in my penultimate year at the University of Edinburgh, pursuing an MA in Linguistics & English Language. Beyond academics, I co-founded and lead the award-winning Edinburgh-based organization “Sex? On Campus!”, which focuses on sexual health and education initiatives.

Q: Why marketing? 

I wanted to get involved with marketing because I love the blend of creativity and strategy. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that an especially engaging piece of work I’ve put together has had a direct (and, hopefully significant) impact on a consumer’s understanding of a product.  

Marketing is something that I do virtually every day in the running of the campaign; whether that’s discussing how to maximise our community engagement, crafting resources and targeted messaging on prevention and support, or - perhaps most fundamentally – leveraging our platforms to engage with University and Government stakeholders.   

I’m also fascinated by the direct consequences of the changing digital landscape on our world; both our personal and working landscapes are changing so rapidly. Perhaps the most obvious example is AI, where we’ve seen an increased integration into our day-to-day, such as OpenAI and Apple’s recently announced partnership, or Gemini’s integration into Google PMAX. I think it’s vital we embrace these changes, especially given the competitive nature of agency life; if we don’t learn how to maximise its value, another organisation certainly will!  

Q: How did you hear about this internship? 

I applied for this internship through the 10,000 Able Interns Foundation, which connects disabled interns with disability-friendly organisations. This platform aims to highlight and utilise typically under-recognised disabled talent. Throughout the hiring and working process, accommodations have been made to ensure my full participation. 

Addressing these barriers can be challenging. Many people only consider physical access issues, but much of the bias against disabled individuals is unconscious. I have often concealed my hearing loss to avoid limitations. Seeing myself represented here at 26PMX is incredibly rewarding and empowering. 

Q: What are the top 5 things you've learnt so far? 

1. Analytics Drive Strategy: Understanding how to interpret data is crucial for optimizing campaign performance. 

2. User Experience Matters: Creating optimized content is about more than just data; it’s about prioritizing user experience. Understanding and catering to user preferences is essential. 

3. Adaptability is Key: The industry is fast paced, but adaptability should not come at the expense of quality work. 

4. Continuous Learning: Technology evolves rapidly, and there’s always more to learn. It’s common to see new integrations, such as AI, appearing on platforms overnight. 

5. Collaboration is Essential: Successful collaboration is crucial as all departments in an agency are deeply intertwined. 

Q: Sum up your experience in three words? 

Miss it already! 

Q: What's been the highlight of your time? 

Meeting so many incredible people. Everyone here has been so committed to my success- it’s a huge compliment! It can be difficult when you’re younger to find people willing to give your contributions the time of day, let alone guide you in making them a reality. I’m so grateful and I sincerely hope it shows in the work I produce. 

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