Social strategy: 5 recommendations to succeed in the current climate

At a time when many people across the world are isolated, social media has a habit of bringing people together in unusual ways. Sharing updates has never been so vital, news sites are expected to inform us with more alerts than ever before, and content is being rapidly digested by an extraordinary number of people. 

Tech Crunch has reported a 40% increase in Facebook usage since the pandemic started and a huge 51% upsurge in WhatsApp users. Snapchat also released stats which show a 50% increase in people using their video call function, while Instagram reported a 76% growth in accumulated engagement across posts. 

There is a global audience waiting with bated breath for the latest update and cutting through the noise is both essential and necessary. Use this time to reinvent your social approach and create a strategy which harnesses your KPIs as well as your character. Be the brand your audience wants you to be and success will undoubtedly follow. We’ve listed our top five recommendations for what your brand should be doing during the current climate and beyond. 

1. Don’t talk about COVID-19 unless you’re an expert on COVID-19

Social media is overflowing with brands, news outlets and users talking about Coronavirus, so you don’t need to add to the onslaught. Only those brands who are recognised as experts in the field should be creating a narrative surrounding the topic. Stick to your core values and now, more than ever, share content which demonstrates what you can add to the world of social media.

2. Give the people what they want 

Since its conception, social media has remained a core source of entertainment. Whether that comes from friends and family, groups of likeminded people, or the rare breed known simply as influencers. They come in all shapes and sizes: insta models, meme pages, viral video sharers and more – but the one thing they all have in common is they offer their audience entertainment. As a brand, look at your existing following and your target audience, then consider what content they want from you and who they need you to be. Are you an expert on home improvement? Do you offer information about a niche location? Are you selling an opinion?

Whatever that thing is, be it. And be the best at it.  

3. People have more time – take advantage

Social media is famed for its fast-paced nature and content which can be digested in seconds. But for the first time ever, the social consumer has slowed down. People have more time than ever to absorb content and that’s exactly what they’re doing. CTR is currently at its highest, so pushing traffic towards blogs has never been so affordable or effective and engagement is peaking. Take advantage of people’s time and reward them with significant content which offers more than clickbait. You’ll likely see long term conversions of attitude and investment. 

4. Prepare for after

There’s a big chance this could be a quiet time for your brand. With the world in lockdown, all kinds of businesses are affected in a multitude of ways, but this isn’t forever. Whatever you do, don’t jump on the cause and don’t force yourself into a space which doesn’t already collaborate your ethos. Instead, start planning. This is an opportunity to refine your strategy, reinvent your character and relaunch your brand in a fresh and unique way. How do you want to be recognised? What do you want to offer people? Answer these questions, and you’re well on your way to creating something special. 

5. Start chatting 

Your audience is currently sat at home, scrolling through an endless feed of content. There’s no better time to start a proper dialogue with them. Be the best at customer service because people notice. In a society where people are separated, use your authority to bring them together. Your audience have one thing in common – they choose to follow you. Sit back, think about why your audience are there, then start a conversation about your offering and a shared common interest. They can talk to themselves, to you, to each other – it doesn’t matter. Conversation creates engagement, and engagement creates success. 

Despite the undeniable notion that social media has created an ‘infodemic’, it has also created a flood of good news stories. Now is the time for your brand to redesign its mission statement and start to create some new, high quality content. Create adverts ready for launch, design assets which push the boundaries, and develop a personality which reflects your USP. Whenever you decide to share your content, make sure it’s valuable to the most important people – your audience.

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