Zero-party data and marketing purpose

Alex Blaikley - Media Director,

‘As customers we want to be recognised without necessarily being identified; we want to be treated as if each business cares; we want customisation according to the context and circumstances; we want ease and convenience; we want less friction; we want to be able to express our needs without judgement.’

With the increased focus on privacy in 2021, brands must really own their data strategy. They must start to collect and use opt-in first-party data (1PD) to segment and model new customers whilst increasing loyalty of existing ones. However, the concept of zero-party data (ZPD) offers marketing departments a clear omnichannel purpose and a challenge which will empower those teams who choose to accept it – for long-term success and survival.

What is Zero-party data?

Zero-party data (ZPD) is not a new term, but one which has risen to prominence in 2020. Ashley Friedlein of Econsultancy uses the term to capture a vision of consumer-centric marketing for the next decade, including key elements of UX, engaging and relevant content and personalisation, based on transparency and trust. Rather than capturing an email address as part of a transactional relationship with a consumer, the concept of ZPD represents an agreement with customers whereby they share their data with the expectation of a future value exchange.  

Martech (marketing technology) solutions will be a significant part of a continuous focus on improvements, but it will certainly require cultural support from internal stakeholders, suppliers and partners to be more than a vision. As a starting point, our recommendations are to kick-start the following workstreams:

  1. Understand, audit, and segment your audience data
  2. Audit your technology (martech) stack
  3. Develop a content and messaging strategy aligned to consumer journey insight

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