Asda Money

Creating impactful brand distinction

We partnered with Asda Money to take an approach unlike anything that had been done before. Designing and creating a central character that would become the face of the brand and digital marketing activity.

The challenge

Asda Money offers a trusted range of personal finance products, but the brand needed something special to stand-out from competitors and better connect with new and existing customers.

The solution

‘Monty the pig’ was born. Sitting at the forefront of the brand and its digital activity, Monty brought a touch of humour and accessibility to a sector that is known to be detail-heavy and lacking in personality.

Illustration of Monty the pig brand guidelines showing the character's different facial expressions, angles, and different situations in which Monty the pig can or cannot be represented.

Building out the Monty guidelines

The results

Monty had won the hearts of the nation and the numbers backed it up.


of customers agreed Monty made the brand more appealing & relevant


increase in conversions across key products YoY

National coverage

in publications such as The Guardian & The Sun

Three illustrations of Monty the pig divided on three panels.

Monty for Asda Money’s pet insurance

The impact 26 has had on our business over a 3-year period has been incredible. From launching our new site, to encouraging us to be braver with our brand, it’s been an exciting journey and one we’re sure will only lead to further success. Our partnership which is built on trust, respect and collaboration has been key to delivering such fantastic results.

Digital Marketing Manager - Asda Money
Illustration of Monty the pig, with a band aid on their injury, standing in front of a medicine cabinet and a X-ray screen.

Monty for Asda Money’s pet insurance

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