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We are CEF’s lead marketing partner. We’ve been supporting the retailer to mature its digital marketing strategy and operations for over 4 years, driving continued revenue growth. 

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The challenge

Following strong omnichannel growth throughout the Covid-affected years, CEF’s new challenge was to drive incremental ecommerce growth to their bottom line​, expand into new categories​ and take share from competitors in an increasingly crowded market.

The solution

With competitors like B&Q, Screwfix, and Amazon spending substantially more on through-the-line marketing, increased CPCs across the board, and higher competitor aggression, we required a sharp focus on profitability.

Leveraging profit measurement for growth:​

A shift from Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to POAS allowed us to refine bidding strategies and budget allocation intelligently. Armed with insights into profitable growth, we elevated CEF's sales performance to unprecedented heights.​

Disruptive campaigns: ​

Price competitiveness was a barrier across specific tool sets, which were categories that CEF wanted to target aggressively, so we lowered pricing to test performance (whilst actively not wanting to be the cheapest in the market). ​

We joined up CRO activity, a supplementary product feed, sale price attributes, and specific audience targeting to drive sales volume over the campaign period.

CEF promotional assets.

Return on imagination

Across the year we have achieved:

46% revenue increase


£5.13 POAS

exceeding our target (whilst CPCs rose by 22%)

21% rise in CTR

on Google and 65% growth in visitors from Bing

CEF promotional assets and trade catalogue.

26 have been instrumental in driving our phenomenal online success. Truly an extension of our in-house team, the 26 team have gained buy-in from our senior leadership team to push boundaries and deliver growth.​

PPC has been paramount to our online success, driving the biggest traffic volume to the site and accounting for 36% of online revenue – not forgetting the huge halo effect this has had on other channels and in-store sales as well. We’re thrilled to be on this marketing transformation journey with 26, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Tami Johnson, Digital Marketing Manager - CEF

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